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  • 5 Husbands + 1.

    At first glance, the woman at the well looks like a promiscuous woman who couldn’t keep her relationships. This book invites you to look at her from a different…

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  • But I Didn’t Prepare For The Pain So What Do I Do Now?

    Marriages confront different issues. Many times, humans approach marriage with starry eyes completely ignoring the amount of work it will take for a marriage to succeed. Explore the issues…

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  • Exactly the same Coin

    Experience one man’s life, through his own eyes from his death bed. This is a picture of how deep the love of God is and how mercy can come…

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  • Hooked! The Tragedy Of Addiction

    Get the basics on addictions, how they come and what to do to break free.

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  • Narcissism: The Fire To Run From!

    Most people are left confused when the person that claims to love them is the very one that strips them of self value. What they don’t know is that…

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  • Questions & Answers.

    Finding answers for our questions cuts our dilemmas and confusion in half, especially questions about our relationships. This book deals with some of such questions.

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  • Seasoned King’s Daughter

    Various experiences leave the woman at a loss as to where all the horrific traumas are leading. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for such…

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  • See All The Wounded

    The church of Jesus Christ is for all kinds of broken people. When Jesus walked the earth, He reached out to every kind of broken people, He never overlooked…

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  • Sex Demystified

    This book is a masterpiece woven with the writer’s experiences to bring understanding of the subject while proffering healing and fresh opportunities to all with similar encounters in life….

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